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My Work as an ePortfolio Assistant

As an ODU ePortfolio Assistant, I aid in the creation of website building and design.  I host workshops as well a class visits which allow me to collaborate with faculty and the student body.  My tasks as an ePortfolio Assistant include:

  • teaching students how to build and maintain a professional website

  • initiating student outreach

  • gathering statistics that will increase student use of the program

  • aiding in the campus awareness of our services


teaching students (both on-campus and distance) about the importance of ePs


conducting student outreach through interactive campus activities


gathering quantifiable information about ePortfolio services


building the campus marketing campaign for ePortfolio Support

What is an ePortfolio?

It is a digital collection of student work developed across varied contexts (classes, internships, social activities, etc.) and over time. I help students create both archive and showcase ePortfolios. An archive ePortfolio is heavily text focused as is works like a management system for essays and presentations. A showcase ePortfolio is a website which takes advantage of multimedia to present user's interests, accomplishments, and goals.

Why have an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio provides:

  • a repository for achievements, skills, and relevant coursework

  • a portal that helps connect educational goals with personal experience

  • a marketing tool to educational institutions, employers, and colleagues

  • an electronic resource to showcase multi-media elements that help sculpt visitors' positive impressions of the site owner

In the Old Dominion University ePortfolio Program, we believe that every student is much more than a resume!  An ePortfolio serves as one of the best tools to help students share their academic/professional goals and interests while still showcasing their personality.  An ePortfolio also exhibits the skills and experiences of the user for all website visitors to see.  ePortfolios archive a variety of work, including documents, videos, voice recordings, music playlists, pictures, slideshows, hyperlinks, and much more.

The ePortfolio Program at Old Dominion University has benefited hundreds of students across campus.  As of April 2019, we have:

  • conducted over 90 class visits

  • organized over 15 workshops in the 2018-2019 year

  • Hosted over 20 hours of open studio sessions

  • And much more!

During my time as an ePortfolio Assistant, I have had the wonderful opportunity to increase eP engagement at Old Dominion University.  This program has helped me learn the importance of ePortfolios, and I have shared that knowledge with others. I have completed thus far:

  • 71 scheduled appointments

  • 36 in-person appointments

  • 18 online appointments

  • 11 walk-in appointments

  • 23 class visits

  • 5 workshops

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285 scheduled appointments, both in-person and online


196 LeADERS Program orientations completed

Class Visits

Over 90 classroom presentations administered by the eP Team

Total Aid

Over 3200 students have been reached via the ODU ePortfolio Assistance Team.

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