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Reflection of Curation

    As I continue to curate my ePortfolio, I try to add as much information as possible. I believe that an ePortfolio showcases my skills and knowledge better than a traditional resume. I am so proud of my ePortfolio that I now include the link to all of my emails as well as to my resume and curriculum vitae. In order to highlight all of the work that I have completed at Old Dominion University, I have created a well-organized course projects page. It gives a view of all the classes in which I have archived work. Furthermore, a visitor of my site can view the assignments that I have completed for individual courses. This is especially useful for my Communication courses, since I want to pursue a career in public relations. I am also a Psychology major and want to archive some of my best work from that curriculum on my site as well.

    In order to improve my website, I should add more forms of multimedia. Currently, I do not have many photos or videos of me interacting with the Monarch community or members of my extracurricular activities. I would like to add photos to make the site appear more personal and to display that I am a well-rounded student. To further improve my site, I would like to add more coursework. Currently, I only have about five classes on my course projects page, which does not give a comprehensive view of my rigorous sciences curriculum as an undergraduate.

    At this stage, I am quite confident with the appearance of my ePortfolio. However, a few questions that I do have are whether my site is easy to navigate and if the transitions flow smoothly. I am always concerned about the design elements. I want my site to appear fun yet professional. Sometimes, finding that balance can prove a bit difficult. Furthermore, I find it challenging to talk about myself in elaborate detail. Feedback on specific ways in which I can explain my personality, goals, and purpose would be very helpful.

ePortfolio Part 2

Problem Posing: This assignment includes the four learning objectives for my internship as well as corrections from feedback of eP submission 1.

ePortfolio Part 3

Presentation: This assignment includes a narrated presentation discussing the experiences of my internship at Meridian Group. I talk about my projects, co-workers, and new skills.

FINAL 368 Presentation

FINAL 368 Presentation

Play Video

ePortfolio Part 4

Problem Solving: This assignment includes my analysis on whether or not I met the four objectives listed in eP Part 2.

ePortfolio Part 5

Final Reflection: This assignment concludes my experiences in my internship as well as discusses new knowledge I gained.

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