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Reflection Post

     I love creating ePortfolios, and my goal for my personal ePortfolio is to display a professional, yet creative web identity for myself. I love that ePortfolios can set me apart from others in my career field.  In recent years, employers complete a web search of prospective employees often before an interview is even offered.  Having an ePortfolio appear as the first thing that graduate schools and employers see when they complete a web search of me will help create an excellent impression.

     The most difficult part of creating and curating an ePortfolio is, for me, the design element.  It can take a while to learn how to navigate the platform.  However, I now feel that I am very comfortable with the Wix platform and use the Wix Advanced Editor to further improve and fine-tune the details of my ePortfolio.  This is perfect for my professional life because future employers will see this when they search my name on Google.


Mobile Optimization

     Luckily, the template I used worked well with mobile optimization, and I did not have much to change.  The main element that needed fixing was spacing between sections.  For some reason, there was much more spacing on mobile than there was on desktop.

     I chose this option because I already had a Wix website. I am also employed as an ePortfolio assistant, so I was hesitant to schedule an appointment with one of my coworkers when they could use that time to help someone who is completely new to the platform.  The last reason I chose this option was because I had not viewed the mobile version of my website at all, so this assignment truly helped me add an extra element to my website.

     Ultimately, completing mobile optimization improved my site by making me consider viewers who do not have current access to a desktop.  It helps to expand the audience that my ePortfolio can reach.  In terms of other changes that I made, I am making my website accessible from multiple pages.  For example, there is a contact box on the bottom of the Home page as well as a separate Contact page.  This way, there are more options to accomplish the same action. I feel that this assignment has improved my online presence, and I have much confidence in my ePortfolio.  However, it is far from done and I will continue to make changes to track my academic and occupational achievements throughout my years at Old Dominion University.


Short Film Analysis

            For this assignment, I analyzed Inseparable, a short film that displays communication beyond the verbal pathway.  My analysis includes significant elements in the film such as physical appearance, gestures and movements, and facial and eye behavior.  This short film analysis also includes the ways in which these cues supplement each other to portray or strengthen a message. Click the button below to watch Inseparable, available on Vimeo.

Popular Press Analysis

For this assignment, I made connections between a popular press article in The Huffington Post and scholarly journal articles to analyze whether the generalizations of the popular press piece align or contradict with the available literature discussing silence in nonverbal communication.

Final Reflection eP 5

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