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Reflection Post

     Creating an ePortfolio was generally easy for me because I am employed as an ePortfolio Assistant at Old Dominion University.  This makes my experience much easier because I have been trained through the university on how to create ePortfolios for all different kinds of students.

     However, creating my ePortfolio at first did come with its challenges. When I first learned the Wix platform, I was not previously familiar with web building or web design. I became nervous because I also did not know how to code. Yet, through creating my own ePortfolio and working with others to create their own, I have learned much more about how to navigate Wix to create the best individualized ePortfolios.

     I feel that my Wix page could use more presence in terms of incorporating pictures of myself. I do not have social media, so I must include personal photos to humanize myself.

     At this stage of the ePortfolio project, I question if others in the class are comfortable with their own ePortfolios. I know this can be a daunting process.  Thus, I am contemplating making a discussion post informing the class about the ePortfolio assistants available on campus for them.

     I chose option B (curate) and changed my website a bit. First, I added a new page for all coursework (Course Projects header). Then, within this page, I included a link for this course. The more classes I take requiring an ePortfolio, the more pages I will make to add to the Course Projects header.  I did this so that I could continuously add to my site, rather than have several different ePortfolios.

Final Research Proposal

Language Acquisition: A Review and Experimental Analysis

I also completed a screencast for my final proposal that summarizes the main points of the paper.  Click the button below to follow the link.

Reflection: eP 5

This is a review of the eP process in this course and ways in which I can use my ePortfolio for professional development.

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