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I am currently an account manager at Array Digital and a graduate of Old Dominion University with an M.A. in lifespan and digital communication and a B.S. in communication and psychology. I enjoy strengthening my current skillset and learning new information about web design. I am a hard worker, highly dependable, and am constantly seeking ways to improve myself both professionally and personally. I aim to have a career in digital communication, as I am passionate about the building websites that properly represent businesses and enhance their marketing. On my website, you will find my resume and CV, my hobbies and career interests, and relevant work. Continue scrolling to learn about my skills, experiences, and achievements!


In completing my rigorous graduate studies, I have gained the opportunity to collaborate with amazing researchers. Contributing to the projects of doctoral professors and doctoral candidates allowed me to envision an immersive future in the field of digital communication.

Professionally, I have also worked as a music and dance instructor for children ages two through six. This taught me patience, as well as strengthened my ability to deconstruct difficult topics and teach them in a more basic and concise manner.  Working as a youth educator allowed me to take what I learned about childhood cognitive development and apply this information directly to my occupation to help children better appreciate the fine arts.

I am a proud digital and strategic communication graduate from the Old Dominion University lifespan and digital communication master's program. With a master's degree in this field, I gain a greater understanding of the shifts in communication between generations and how digital technologies have mediated interactions between those of all ages.


July 2021 - Current

In this award-winning digital marketing agency, I facilitated critical client meetings to outline monthly and quarterly strategy goals. I also coordinated the web design, SEO, social media, and ads team together to ensure that projects were delivered in a timely manner. I stayed in constant communication with clients to ensure all their questions were answered and they had transparency into the operations of their individualized digital marketing campaigns.

May 2019 - August 2019

Meridian Group is a public relations and marketing agency located in Virginia Beach. As an intern, I conducted journalistic research as well as creative writing for digital marketing. I was advised weekly on ways in which I can think critically about a variety of news sources. I analyzed the data of articles online, broadcasted, and circulated. This internship allowed me to apply public relations theory learned in my degree to a real-world setting. This internship also permitted me to produce an archive of professional PR work.

May 2018 - June 2021

In this position, I oversaw a team of ePortfolio Assistants that build an online presence for future educational and occupational opportunities. Through my creation of websites for a multitude of students and faculty, I have been an invited speaker to to several state and national conferences, gained freelance web design opportunities, and become a board director for a North Carolina non-profit organization. I still share new knowledge I gain from my current work with my former colleagues in this industry!

March 2018 - May 2019

In this research lab coordinated by Cathy Lab Barraco, Ph.D, I conducted several duties as a research assistant.  This lab focuses on the consequences of alcohol and drug use for young adults. I was involved both in reviewing the available literature as well as helping to contribute to new literature in the field of substance use. The BARS Lab exposed me to numerous methods of data collection, including ecological momentary assessment, survey analyses, and participant screening. The BARS Lab strengthened my ability to navigate through data and search for the most recent literature on scientific topics.

Research Fluency
Through collaborating in a lab with amazing researchers, I have learned how to better locate factual information and statistically analyze certain phenomena.  I have worked alongside respected researchers, gathering participant information through baseline screenings, surveys, and interviews.  I have then analyzed this information to discern how discoveries in the research can improve what the field and what the public knows about behavioral science.
Through operating website building platforms, such as Wix and Wordpress, I have gained immense knowledge on how to create a digital presence. I have extended my knowledge to other students at Old Dominion University in the form of creating ePortfolios. I have given workshop presentations, orchestrated classroom assistance, and sat as an invited research panelist at Stanford University and ODU to aid a multitude of faculty members in the areas of website creation, curation, and management.
Web Building
Customer Service

I have excellent customer service skills. I greet customers with a smile and do all that I can to assist them in locating the correct product for their personal needs.  I treat each customer as a priority, and I have been lauded by my supervisors and customers for my kind and helpful nature.


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“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

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